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Independent and Fiduciaries

What is an 'independent advisory firm'?

Freedom. Freedom, as a practioner, from being beholden to an organization that dictates how we interact with our clients, what investments to use, and how much we must charge for our services, amongst other things. Ultimatly, being "Independent" means that we can be who we truly are: people who care for those we serve. At the end of the day we strive to be honest, trustworthy, knowledgeble, and passionate, and this independent advisory practice is where we feel at home.  

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As fiduciaries our sole aim is to lookout for our clients, no matter what.

Are We Fiduciaries?

Are We Fiduciaries?

Yes we are!

In the world of financial services and media there are buzz words that stick out and stick around. Over the past number of years the term 'fiduciary' has been particularly popular in the general public without a lot of explanation around what a fiducary means in the context of financial advice. If you were to boil it down being a fiduciary means that one is legally bound to put the others interests ahead of their own. In the world of financial services, as one might guess, the water can be murkey. Some may be a fiduciary only when they open a particular type of accounts, some may not be at all. But...

Both Walt and Andrew are held to the fiduciary standard by nature of the desigantions they hold (Andrew as a CFP® practioner and Walt as a ChFC® professional). What that means is that, at all times, when providing financial advice they act as fiduciaries and, therefore, act in the best interest of their clients. 

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