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Financial Planning

What is financial planning?

Our firm specializes in helping individuals and families develop sound strategies to help them accomplish what is most important. Whether it be retiring in a manner they had wished, sending the grandkids to college, or taking that vacation they had always dreamed of, financial planning is the tool that we use to help model what is possible or what should be changed to make those things possible.  Every person is unique, likewise, every plan is unique. We use our years of experience, the best training in the industry, and best technology available to ensure that we are doing everything possible to drive successful outcomes for our clients both now and in the future.

What does the process look like?

It is a multi-meeting process that requires honesty, openness, and introspection. See below on what a general meeting flow might look like.

Introductory meeting

Our initial conversation will center around what you are looking for, what you have done so far and how Bishop Associates can help you. If we there is a good fit, we’ll schedule our next meeting. 

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"Whats Important" Meeting

This meeting is where you talk and we listen. The goal - to find what are your 'Matters of Importance'.

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Presentation Meeting

By this meeting we have completed our analysis. We have complied and analyzed your quantitative and qualitative information and have actionable steps for you to follow. 

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Review Meetings

Like any good relationship we have ongoing communication and reviews. We continually reassess, reevaluate, and reposition to help you accomplish those things which are most important to you.

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