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Risk Mitigation

Why Insurance?

Why Insurance?

Insurance can take many forms and cover a number of areas of our financial lives. At Bishop Associates we use insurance products in a specific way, namely, to transfer a particular risk (living a long life, increase in health care costs, market downturns, etc.) to someone else. We view insurance products from a neutral perspective, not inherently good or bad, but to be used for an explicit reason. You can’t build a house with only a hammer - you also can't protect yourself and your family with only one risk mitigation technique. 

Life Insurance

To ensure your loved ones are protected and provide for.

Disability Insurance

To ease the burden if your paycheck stops due to an unforeseen event.

Long-Term Care insurance

Dignity and care as you age to live the way you want.


To choose the right plans for your medical needs.

Fixed Annuities

Instruments that provide a fixed rate of return. 

Index linked Annuities

Market participation with predefined downside exposure. 

Variable Annuities

Investment vehicles in a tax-deferred vehicle.

Registered Index Linked (RILA) Annuities

Market based performance with risk loss mitigation options.

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